31 enero 2014


When you need to describe the photos in the FCE exams you might be lost at the beginning.
Download the file with all the guidance and vocabulary that you may need.
Hope you like it.

Click on the photo to get the file.
FCE Photos
Peter F.

4 comentarios:

Carmen dijo...

This is a quite inteesting file. Thank you very much.

peter f dijo...

thanks carmen

Nathaly Punina dijo...

compare and contrast photos. i like doing that since it is a very useful method of play with knowledge and is way to assimilate them better. I usually do this kind of exercises both in the history and English classes always in order from right to left and from top down in this way to facilitate my understanding and let my ideas flow.

Cristian Jaque dijo...

Tnahk you so much!! It´s clear and useful!!